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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday in the Park

It is Saturday and beautiful outside! A little cool, but at least it is not in the 20's and raining/snowing. After getting some much needed rest and sleeping in until 11:30 (I never do that) I am ready to meet up with DeAnna! We are going downtown to enjoy our wonderful little town. She is a nerd and also wants to take some updated pictures. The last cute picture we have together is from sophomore year I think it is. So I can understand her reasoning.

A lot has happened. I was denied for graduation, because they messed up my degree plan. I am 5 hours short. 5! Ridiculous! Those hours don't even go towards my major either. I don't understand them. So anyway it was looking like I was going to be back for another semester because of loan reasons, but who really knows. Nothing is final until March or April. I will know for sure what I am doing then.

My classes are great. My professors are amazing. I love them so much. That is the beauty about being a Senior. You have pretty much had everyone and know who to take and who not to take. I am in this one class for Ad Club and we just got assigned out Ad groups. Mine is amazing! We are working on an Ad Campaign for State Farm and will be competing in April against some big name schools! It is pretty exciting and for our group everything seems to be coming together perfectly. We are all just so creative.

Clay, baby #1, turned 2 yesterday! So exciting! I missed his party because I am here at school, but once I am out I am going to work my hardest to make it to his 3rd! I can not believe he is 2. Then there is Bridget my niece who is about to turn 12. So crazy. They seriously grow up so fast.

Just a work update...we were excited to be getting students from South Korea and they are doing amazing! They will be leaving soon, however, which is so sad. We have really enjoyed them being here. After they leave, seriously 3 days after they leave, we will be welcoming students from Germany! Most of which will be on my floor. It is really funny. I told some of my girls and they started freaking out because apparently German boys are really attractive. I was cracking up. I love my floor.

this is a picture of my old board!

and this is my new board!

you do what you have to do to stay awake. this is what we, the massie massie concho RAs had to do when we were waiting for the Koreans. their plane landed about two hours late and this was about 11:45 i would say. they finally got there around 12:30.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hear the Yell, Back to School, Ring the Bell

Well I am back at school. This whole past week we have had Spring Training. The new RA's look promising. I am pretty excited that there was no turn over for my Massie staff. Concho, however, has 4 new RA's. One of them happens to be my old resident Koby! I am so proud! This is going to be such an awesome last semester! We bonded even more than before during all of our in-hall. Then a couple of days ago we found out that we are getting students from South Korea!! They will only be staying a month, but it is going to be pretty awesome. If they like it here then we are going to have a Study Abroad program with them!! I have 4 on my floor. 3 out of the 4 are women so it should be pretty fun!! The men of South Korea don't believe women are at the same level as them so LeRoyal got most of the men.

Today I was promoted to RA 3! That is a big deal!! So exciting. Then I made the Dean's List!! So the semester is starting out pretty picturesque. That is my floors motto this semester!! For the door decs I have cameras with their names on them and then my board says "Welcome Back! Lets Make This Semester Picturesque!" It looks so good! I can't wait for all my residents to see it!! I will post a picture of it soon. I just have to take one lol.

So in this video Chaz is hiding in a box and is going to scare Skarke. We had been at training all morning, then had to come back to the dorms to do laundry for our Korean residents that were coming. We had just finished and all really needed a little pick me up. We tried to get Tori, but it is not nearly as good as Skarke. ((*side note* Flip Camera's are awesome!))

In this video we are at the ASU Basketball game and Chaz and Jason were picked to go onto the court and participate in a relay. Chaz is in the middle and Jason is the one on the far right of Chaz.

All in all Spring Training went pretty well and really fast, which is weird. That never happens!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010

Christmas break was amazing. I got to spend so awesome time with my family and just relax. Leading up to Christmas I hung out with Abbie and Carla! We went and had coffee and exchanged Christmas presents. Then Christmas Eve is when the brother and sister come over with their families. It is always the best. We have so much fun together and my dad makes us peppermint malts. Amazing. Clay is talking up a storm and Travis will stay awake for about 10 min. then he is out again. At one point over the break Travis had to go to the hospital. He became pretty sick, but luckily only had to spend one night and was able to go home. Christmas was great. I didn't ask for anything or want anything, but what I got I love. I got the yellow bird suitcase from Vera Bradley. My favorite. I also got wonderful, pink, fuzzy socks!! AMAZING!

The day after Christmas my family and I went to San Marcos and did some shopping. SO fun! The throughout the week my friends from high school got together a couple of times and just hung out. It was great seeing everyone I didn't get to see over Thanksgiving. Really didn't do a whole lot.

Now it is 2010. I ended up getting sick New Years Eve morning about 1:30am and was unable to drive back to school. I am still fighting this awful virus. It is so annoying. I have had a fever since Thursday and headaches on and off. I have been to the doctor twice and the second time got some new meds. They are working pretty well so we will see. Hopefully I will be back to normal in the next few days. I have to go back to school Sunday. We start fall training that Monday so I am pretty excited to get to meet and know the new people on my staff and see my staff from this past semester again. I miss them so!! MMC is by far the best Residence Hall Staff EVER!!