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Monday, May 24, 2010

wedding bells are ringing

Saturday Carla finally married her high school sweetheart Kason. It was the most beautiful wedding and just 100% Carla. Elegant and classy. All Carla. I am so happy for them!

We had a blast Friday, the day before the wedding. We first went to Hasta La Pasta and had a wonderful Bridal Luncheon. The food was amazing! Unfortunately I left my take home box there! I was so bummed.

From there we, Carla, Abbie, Joanna, Katie and I went and got our nails done. While we were being pampered Carla's mom brought us champagne. How wonderful! It was so much fun having girl time and just relaxing.

After our nails Joanna, Abbie and I ran over to Charming Charlies and got some shoes for Joanna. Then went over to Carla's house and headed out for the rehearsal. We got to Brisco Manor and got to work right away. There was a wedding that night to we had to be out of there by 5.

After the rehearsal we went to the rehearsal dinner at The Swinging Door. SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

Then to end the night we went to Baker Street to enjoy Carla and Kason's last night as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was so much fun hanging out with the wedding party and getting to know them. Luckily for Katie, Joanna and I they came to our rescue when a couple of younger men started hitting on us. It was so funny. Good times.

The Wedding Day! Abbie and I had hair at noon then took a lunch break and headed out to Brisco Manor around 4. After the group pictures time seemed to pass slowly. We all sat around in the bridal suite just talking and checking the time every five minutes. I was started it get teary eyed. I almost cried walking down the aisle but got it under control. Didn't cry once! Just a little teary that is all.

We finished up the pictures and headed to the reception next door. So much fun! The wedding favor was Marble Slab ICE CREAM!!! It was sooooo good! We danced and talked to guests. It was so much fun.

Great great GREAT wedding Carla. We all enjoyed ourselves to much. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share that with you! Love you so much!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

home again

Well, I am back in Katy. I have been here since Monday night, however I have been pretty busy. Tuesday I had two doctors appointments and I walked out of my house 30 minutes before the first one and what do you know? I have a flat tire! All I can say is I am soooo happy it didn't happen on the road! So I filled up my tire...found the nail and went on my way. After the appointments went to Discount and they fixed and rotated my tires for free. So wonderful! After that...went home and got ready for the big night!!!

CARLA'S BACHELORETTE PARTY! First we went downtown and ate at Benihana's! Amazing even though it took them an hour to serve us. After that we went back to the hotel by the Galleria and enjoyed some amazing cupcakes. We did a few other things then called it a night about 1am. It was great fun, memorable and hilarious!!

Then yesterday (Wednesday) I had a shopping day with Abbie and Jenny. Found a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Loved it so much I am wearing it to my own. We then went to Charming Charlie's. Jenny's first time there. She loved it! Doesn't everybody? Soooo wonderful. The best place for retail therapy. I bought some new shoes, earrings and a new bracelet to go with my wonderful new dress. Awww the joys! I get to wear my new dress tomorrow and I am so excited! We have the Bridal Luncheon, Nails, and then the rehearsal. I cannot believe that that she is getting married in TWO DAYS!!! TWO DAYS!!! I am so happy for her. It will take everything I can to not cry. My dearest Carla. I love her so much!

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day and it will slowly lead to the most wonderful day in Carla's life. I cannot believe we are grown up and getting married. It is hard to believe that in a few years I will be writing I cannot believe that we are having babies haha. Unbelievable. And yet so exciting...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

movin on...

Aw dearest ASU...I am done with you...for at least the summer. Even though I will be back next semester I don't care.

So six finals in two days was pretty rough. I was hurting pretty bad by the last one which was at 6 on Tuesday. Luckily I haven't had many check outs. My first one was today at 2:30. Shouldn't be too stressful since I only have like 20 residents. I am so ready for them to all be checked out and on their way. We cannot leave until Monday at noon so it is not like it matters how quickly we get them all out, but still. They have to be out by Friday unless told otherwise. It is so much less stressful when they are all out of the building.

So what now? What do we do when we get them all out of the building? Well Sunday we are having our staff gathering in order to end the year on a good note. See we kind of get a little crazy during check outs and bit each others heads off. So for our gathering we are having a Sundae Sunday! We are making epic sundaes. It is going to be the bomb. After that we prepare to leave.

I will get back to Katy who knows when on Monday. Then Tuesday we have Carla's bachelorette party in Houston. That goes until Wednesday! Yay! Then Wednesday and Thursday I have some wedding stuff to do. Finishing touches that sort of thing. Friday we have the rehearsal for Carla's wedding! THEN!!!!!!! Saturday a full day of wonderful wedding events! Carla will finally become Mrs. Knight....long time in the making. Sunday after her wedding I am heading to Saginaw and will be there until the week or our wedding. We have two in Saginaw and another in Andrews that will have 70 guests...crazy.

These next few weeks will be crazy, but I am sooo ready for them!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

40 days...

40 days. In 40 days I will become Mrs. Willis. I can hardly wait! But while I do lets shower!

Today DeAnna, my wonderful maid of honor, threw me a beautiful bridal shower! Last night DeAnna, Desiree, Elise and I made cookies for the shower while Hope and Erika made the cake and cupcakes. The cookies didn't really come out the way we would have like haha...but the cupcakes and cake looked amazing! Erika and Hope have that talent. The cookies didn't really make it. We were pretty loopy by the time we started decorating, but it was a really fun night. Def. something we all needed. It was like a slumber party. We played wii, watched tv and pigged out. There was also a lot of venting.

The shower was in the CV Skyroom. It was really pretty. DeAnna did a wonderful job on the decorations and she came up with some really creative and fun ideas for games and gifts. Everyone wrote down their best wishes for Jordan and I and then their best memory of us. Hope wrote my favorite one..."Mrs. Willis, Ireland is calling." When the Germans came and we were checking them I said that I looked forward to when I was a very well known PR practitioner and my secretary would come over the intercom saying, "Mrs. Willis, Ireland is calling." Hope just about fell on the floor and I didn't realize all of the Germans had overheard me. It was pretty funny. Good memory.

Anyway I was so happy to share that with some wonderful people. I am so thankful to have such amazing friends.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

rollin with the punches

It has been one tough week. Monday afternoon a resident died in a car accident. We still don't know exactly what happened, just that it was a one vehicle crash. She was only 18.

She was on a road I travel often when I go see Jordan. She was on the "Y" in Tuscola and lost control. A lot of people speed at the point where it veers off. You are supposed to slow down to 60, but that rarely happens. I always do because it has a sudden curve to it. It makes me nervous. It has been sad here the past couple of days. We had to pack up her belongings for her roommate to take them back home. It is part of the job. It sucks, but it is the job.

This really opened our eyes.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

looking back on yesterday

It is the Sunday before dead week. How unreal it is. I began to look back. Remembering how amazing the last 4 years have truly been. I came to Angelo State in August of 2006. I knew no one. Luckily I was blessed with the most amazing roommate DeAnna, who is my maid of honor. She and her boyfriend Daniel have been a huge part of my college life. They are not my friends, they are my family. I am so grateful for them.

Friday night we watched Blind Side and had Papa John's pizza. I couldn't help but remember our first time ordering Papa John's. It was freshman year in the wonderful Mary Massie. We ordered the pizza and planned on watching a movie. The pizza seriously took an hour to be delivered. I remember Daniel and I walking around the lobby (back then it used to have orange shag carpet on the walls haha) waiting for they guy while watching the Heisman Trophy results.

It is crazy. Daniel is graduating in two weeks. Where did college go?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

wonders of the village

Last night we had RA Role Call. This is where all the new and returning RA's come together with Res Pro and learn where we will be and who are staff is for next year. We first had to spell out a quote about leadership..."You can't lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse." I might have butchered that quote, but if I remember correctly that is it. It took us forever to figure it out. We each had one letter and had to run around and find other people to make a word. It ended up being so long we had to make a giant circle in order for everyone to fit. It was interesting. While we were standing in that circle they passed out envelops. They were blank, but had name tags on the inside that also told us our place. We had to find the person the name tag belonged to and present them with the good news. I really don't remember who gave me mine. I think it was Ravi. Anyway my name was in yellow, which means I am an RA III and it said Centennial Village! I will be back at the be CV next semester. It will only be for four months, but it will be great. Another chance to work with a wonderful staff. AND Chaz will be joining me! Welcome back to the CV CHAZ! haha!

So I am pretty excited. I am looking forward to another good last semester haha. See I can joke about it now...kind of.