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Sunday, August 29, 2010

why does the weekend go by so quickly?

My first week of school is over and I am about to start my second. I find myself sitting here wishing it was already November. That would mean that school was almost over. It seems like it is moving so slowly right now. However, come November I will be asking myself where the semester went.

This was a wonderful weekend. Friday we all when over to Hope's for FFN (Family Fun Night) and had a wonderful dinner. After we headed over to Float 404 for an adult beverage. It was just what we needed after a stressful first week. The night was beautiful. We sat out on the dock and just enjoyed the nice breeze and the wonderful Concho River. The first stress free night in a long time and probably the only stress free night for a while. Thank you stupid Spanish. I didn't get a chance to talk to Jordan, but I do know that Saginaw lost their first game. Jordan didn't get home until 10:30 am Saturday. He worked all night breaking down film. Glad I wasn't there.

Saturday I reviewed Spanish (I have a test next week) and just hung around the hall. Then went over to Hope's for dinner. Wonderful as always. We watched The Last Song and had a good cry. Then we sat around and talked for a bit letting out our frustrations. Once again this was a much needed night.

Today we went to Church. When I was walking out to my car I noticed something unusual. After getting closer I realized that some idiot threw a whole thing of spaghetti all over the side of my car. At this point it was hard. I picked Desiree up and we ran to the car wash. It got some off but not all. So after Church we went to Ihop and then I headed home to finish cleaning off my car. After 30 min I finally got it all off and took it back to the car wash and ran it through one more time. I hope whoever did it enjoys whatever karma will bestow upon them.

Now I am procrastinating. It is Sunday and I should be studying, but I am just so tired of it. I hate college and I am so ready to be done.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, my last semester has officially begun. I started yesterday and classes went well. Spanish was not the greatest, but after today it is all starting to come back to me. I am a tad rusty. I have Spanish everyday because it is an intensive class of Spanish 3 and 4. I will be done with Spanish 3 in October and I cannot wait. It has me a little stressed, but I can make it.

After Spanish on Mondays and Wednesdays I go to Communication something at this point I can't remember the full name, but we get to watch Youtube videos and write about the effects they have on the communications world. It will be pretty fun. Then on Tuesday Thursday I go to Organizational Communications which I have no idea what that will be about, but it should be good.

That is a sum up of what my semester will hold class wise. Lord please give me strength to get through Spanish.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

As Days Go By...

School is only a day away at this point. The residents are here, only 30 left to check in. Every year I forget what check in weekend is really like. The sleepless nights, long working hours, upset/lost freshman. It is a never ending cycle. I am on duty all weekend. Calls have been coming in like crazy. It is shocking how every year the freshman are more and more dependent on their parents and then their RA's. They have a hard time figuring out the next step to take. I blame their parents. You have to give them independence at one point otherwise they wont ever be successful. Ah check in weekend...I am so ready for you to over.

On top of check in my family dog that we have had for the past 14 years had to be put down. His age was beginning to overwhelm him. He also developed dementia. They had given him medicine, but it did not help. A couple of days before he had to be put down he began lacking the ability to stand for longer than 2 minutes. He actually feel into the pool at one point. It is hard. We love Kibbles so much and always will.

My dad has a really hard time going without a dog. So he knew this was coming and called the breeder that we got Kibbles from and they had one last male puppy left. His name is Rocky and is now at home with my parents. They are still hurting over Kibbles, but are welcoming the new addition gracefully. Buddy, the cat, on the other hand is not so thrilled. I am not sure how he is going to react when he realizes Kibbles will not be coming back. He never did like being apart from Kibbles. This will be interesting.

I miss Jordan so much. Sometimes it is really hard for me to talk to him on the phone because I miss him so much. It is a challenge to be away from my other half, my best friend. My staff is wonderful. They know just how to take my mind off of it. We have had many laughs together, but it still doesn't change the fact that Jordan and I are apart. Other then this we are both doing well. Football season has started and his time is limited. Everything is set for his classes and he is so excited to be teaching cal. I am so excited for him. I know he will do great! I love him so much.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello World

Well, I am back at school. It is wonderful to be back, but at the same time it stinks.

I love my new staff! We are really busy with in-hall, but are bonding beautifully. For some reason it seems that training is taking forever. Mainly because all we have done is in-hall and haven't really started official training, but in-hall is much harder. We have pre-ins and work orders. It is stressful and by the end of the day we are all worn out.

Our hall theme is superhero. I am doing Captain Planet and having it revolve around diversity! It is so much fun! I cannot wait to decorate my hall! I am in the F100's now. This hall has more rooms then the last hall I was in. This means I can decorate a lot more!

San Angelo hasn't changed much. Let me tell you I am so ready for winter. Today the heat index was like 115. Really? Ridiculous!

Tonight we are making our own personal pizzas! So excited! Maybe I should have charges my camera. Crap.