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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update? What's that?

So I am having trouble updating this bad boy. I just get so busy I forget all about it. Then when I come to update I forget all the stuff that made me so busy. Ah college. Lame.

This weekend I get to go see Jordan. It has been about a month so I guess you could say it is long over due. However, before I leave on Friday I have my second Spanish test. I did well on the first, but I want to do better. I am trying really hard to get that A. I view going to see Jordan as a reward to studying so hard. Fingers crossed!

Tonight I am on duty. We have already had a huge leak. The F300's air conditioner froze over so not there is a huge puddle on water on my floor by our entry door. Wonderful. It seems that each building is beginning to leak. Every week it is something new. A couple of weeks ago it was the hot water into the Commons Conference room. Not good. Then last week some how water was standing in on of my rooms bathrooms. My girls were shocked and it looked like it was coming from the wall. No way it could have come from the shower. It was so random. We still have no idea what caused that. So with all the stress of being on duty I went to visit Hannah in the office of the Commons while she is working desk. We decided to crank up the music and just dance. Sometimes you just have to dance. It really does get rid of all the stress. Wonderful.

With that there is nothing else new. Just trying to get through this semester...alive. Hahaha jk...not really.

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