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Sunday, September 5, 2010

labor day...weekend

Well, another week of school is done and now we are about to go into another. Luckily tomorrow is Labor Day so we don't have school. I used to love Labor Day, but for some reason I am not to excited about it this time around. Maybe because I am here in San Angelo when I am normally in Saginaw. Oh well...two more weeks and I'll be there. I am missing Jordan a lot right now. It is pretty tough. I just want it to me November already. I know I keep saying this, but seriously it is going so slow.

I had my first Spanish Test last week. Not real sure how that went down. I am sure we will see Tuesday. Then this weekend we had family dinner at Desiree's house Friday night and watched Why Did I Get Married Too? It was wonderful and the food was amazing! Sadly it was only Hope, Desiree and I. Everyone else got to go out of town. Lame. Then Saturday I cleaned and moved my room around. I ended up not liking it and moved it back. That was a good moment. After that Des and I went to HEB and got some breakfast food for dinner to have with the Staff. We made eggs, pancakes/chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and cinnamon rolls. Yummy!!! It was so good. Before we made dinner we all went to the first football game of the season. We played Eastern New Mexico and actually played really well. We ended up winning. ASU hasn't won a game in a long time. I forgot what it felt like.

Today we went to Church and all came back to the residence halls. I went and ran errands! I am officially Willis on everything now except for stupid ASU. That wont be done until after Sept. 20th. Ridiculous. I am so used to Willis now, it is hard for me to write or even say Brawner. A professor called out my name for roll and I didn't respond...mainly because I wasn't paying attention, but also because I was waiting for her to say Willis. My bad.

Tomorrow...Labor Day...more like lame day. Don't judge me for not being a fan of Labor Day this year. I just don't like something slowing down classes. I want to get them over with. Anyway I have to work tomorrow so it's not like I even get a Labor Day. I would like to go shopping, but that is not going to happen because we haven't been paid yet. We have been here since Aug. 1st and have not been paid yet. We are all basically living off of Ramen. Seriously. Not good.

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